Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow, Again? Plus, Planning for Summer Vacation

Can you believe MORE snow in the forecast for us tonight, with a possibility of 1-3 inches?   It's inconceivable! And yes, I do know what that word means. :)

I'm off to make my weekly trek to the grocery store a day early, and maybe I'll get there early enough to avoid the crazy bread and milk buying frenzy that I'm sure will be happening today.

In other news, I've been working on vacation plans for the summer.

We usually like to take a big trip during our summer break. I love to travel, but for the past several years the thought of trying to fly out on a vacation has not been appealing to me.  I used to love going to the airport. The whole process of air travel was exciting and fun (well, most of it) and I loved planning our trips.   But lately all the hassle and expense of air travel has over-shadowed the fun for me.  We took car trips the last couple of years, which were just as fun and a lot less expensive. But, The Professor informed me that he really wants us to go somewhere out west this year, if we possibly can. This means flying.  I've spent the past several days researching possibilities and working out potential itineraries for us.  I have three potential trips planned, and now we have to decide which one is the best option for us this year.  This is the part of the process I like the least, since it involves a LOT of back and forth, hemming and hawing by The Professor, who never, ever, rushes in to anything. (We dated for SIX YEARS before we married - talk about not wanting to rush into things!)  The Boy and I have already decided where we would prefer to go - but it will take The Professor about twice as long to come to the same conclusion.

In planning our vacations I have found Vacation Rentals by Owner to be a very good source for great houses to rent, at reasonable prices, at almost every destination we have visited.  I love using rentals for our travels instead of hotels, unless it's for a one or two night stay.  I've had good luck with the owner managed rentals, but I've also had good luck using real estate offices that manage rentals and other types of cottage or vacation rental management companies.

Where ever we end up going, I'm sure we'll have a wonderful Summer Holiday.


  1. I still think you should go to Hawaii. That's west, isn't it? WAAAAAAAY west! ; ) I wanted to vacation vicariously!

  2. You know that was one of our potential trips, but it just costs more than we want to spend (or need to spend!) However, no final decision has been made...so maybe there's hope yet.