Friday, February 25, 2011

B.I.C. and Summer Traveling

Ack! I can't believe it has been a month since I've posted anything on my blog!

I think I've got Blog Inferiority Complex.  You know, when you look around and start comparing your blog to the ones you read a lot and admire and you know yours doesn't match up to the loveliness, spirituality, or practical wisdom that abounds in BlogLand.  Well, I've had a bad case of BIC lately.  Part of my therapy to get over it is to simply come back and start blogging again.  So, here I am...

Finally, the hemming and hawing and trying to decide about vacation is over.  After a month of deliberations, we have finally settled on going to the wonderful state of Arizona for our vacation.  We'll be spending a couple of weeks in the state; in the Flagstaff area, and in the beautiful and cool White Mountains.  We've been to the White Mountains of AZ before, and had a wonderful time.
Hannagan Meadow, in the White Mountains of Arizona
The Boy in Arizona, 2007. He's grown SO MUCH since then!

I did find a great, reasonably priced vacation rental for part of our vacation at VRBO.  Well, I think it's great. It looks great on the website.  I usually have very good luck with vacation rentals, but there's always a chance that what you get isn't what you are expecting.

I see by the clock that it's 12:30. The Professor will be home soon and wanting his lunch, so I'd better be getting it ready for him.