Friday, January 14, 2011

Tone of Voice is Everything

Well, it's finally Friday and I've got to get out to the grocery store later this morning.  My usual schedule for grocery shopping was put on hold with the extra-wintery weather this week, but the temperature is supposed to rise above freezing today, so I'm heading out.

Before I make my trek for supplies through the Frozen North I'm posting about how I'm doing with my New Year's goals so far.  I think I'm going to write a post concerning my goals for 2011 every few weeks or so on Fridays so that I can look back and see how I'm doing and where I need to work a bit harder to achieve my goals.

Today the goal that I have on my mind is the one I made concerning my role as "Partner" (remember those 5 "Ps")  - talking to my Dear Professor with a Low and Relaxed Tone as often as I can.  Well, it hasn't been easy. However, one result of my working on this has been to realize just how tense I am, especially in my neck.  It's no wonder that even my "happy" voice tends to sound high and shrill.  During the day I have to make it a point to stop and let go of the tension in my neck.

Maybe I need a visit to  Phoebe Dinsmore.

Hmmm...maybe tone of voice is not quite everything.


  1. "An' I kyent stan' 'im!" Praying you have success in working on this particular goal, Sister. Love you!

  2. "Round tones, round tones, Miss Lamont." LOL!
    Love you, too!