Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

The new year has been busy around here.  I've been having to tweak my schedule since I've started my job as a substitute tutor.  The intermittent nature of the job requires me to be ready to go in each day, and I learned the hard way that the day I think I *won't* be called will be the day I get called in at the last minute.  I worked quite a bit during the first two weeks of January, but I expect things will slow down for a while now.


I got this beautiful icon for Christmas from The Professor.  This is a reproduction of the wonderful Kursk "Root" Icon. (My photography skills leave much to be desired, I know.)  My collection of icons is slowly increasing!


The Boy and I got this 1000 piece puzzle for Christmas.  I was so very happy when we got it all finished and didn't lose any pieces in the process!  I got the idea for putting the puzzle together on foam board from Jamie over at A Year in Skirts.  It worked out very well.


The Professor's nightstand. I noticed this as I was straightening up the bedroom this morning and it made me laugh. The Professor is usually reading something Serious and Thought-Provoking. That Star Wars book is actually sitting on top of his Greek New Testament and a book on patristic theology.


Nerf darts and doggies do not go together! I came upon this scene shortly after I finished vacuuming this room, of course.  {sigh}

round button chicken