Friday, February 25, 2011

B.I.C. and Summer Traveling

Ack! I can't believe it has been a month since I've posted anything on my blog!

I think I've got Blog Inferiority Complex.  You know, when you look around and start comparing your blog to the ones you read a lot and admire and you know yours doesn't match up to the loveliness, spirituality, or practical wisdom that abounds in BlogLand.  Well, I've had a bad case of BIC lately.  Part of my therapy to get over it is to simply come back and start blogging again.  So, here I am...

Finally, the hemming and hawing and trying to decide about vacation is over.  After a month of deliberations, we have finally settled on going to the wonderful state of Arizona for our vacation.  We'll be spending a couple of weeks in the state; in the Flagstaff area, and in the beautiful and cool White Mountains.  We've been to the White Mountains of AZ before, and had a wonderful time.
Hannagan Meadow, in the White Mountains of Arizona
The Boy in Arizona, 2007. He's grown SO MUCH since then!

I did find a great, reasonably priced vacation rental for part of our vacation at VRBO.  Well, I think it's great. It looks great on the website.  I usually have very good luck with vacation rentals, but there's always a chance that what you get isn't what you are expecting.

I see by the clock that it's 12:30. The Professor will be home soon and wanting his lunch, so I'd better be getting it ready for him.


  1. Hi Carlyn -
    Saw your comment over at MMS and thought I would drop in and say hi. Looks like you have a great vacation planned! You are further along than we are in that. Your son is cute!
    Have fun blogging!!
    Tammy : )

  2. It's about time! Just kidding.

    Yes, your Boy HAS grown up since then! I was just looking at Kiddo the other day and wondered just when he grew 6 inches overnight. Sigh....

    Well, I hope you enjoy AZ again. We might...MIGHT get to go to the Smokies this year. Here's hoping.

    We finished passing out flyers. My legs are thanking me. : )

  3. How wonderful that you are visiting our state again. We have fallen in love with the White Mountains as well...Greer specifically.

    Ha-ha! I know what you mean about the BIC. My blog looks like it was written by a goofball with a keyboard after visiting ones like Glory To God For All Things.

    Have a blessed Clean Monday...I'm off to figure out something half-way intelligent to say about Lent!


  4. We are going to be exploring Greer this summer, but not staying there. The Professor wanted to stay up at Hannagan Meadow Lodge again.

  5. Oh my. No need for B.I.C. I enjoy your thoughts, and am confident that many others do too. You have a unique perspective, voice, and story. God has given them to you to build the Body. Thanks for sharing.