Sunday, October 2, 2011

A New Series

My very ambitious Sister, Heathalee, has taken the plunge into the 31 Days of Change series. She, along with about 600 others, will be spending the thirty-one days of this month blogging about one particular topic.  My sister is writing about  Worship.

OK - I'm so not there yet with the 31 days of blogging every day.

I am also so not there yet with trying to blog about anything really deep and meaningful, like worship!   Ack! That would scare me to death!  I'm definitely splashing about in the shallow end of the blog pool.

 However, over here in the shallow end of the pool I am going to do my own little series for the next few days about one particular topic.  I'm going to call it:

3 Days of Yogurt

(Just for you, Matushka Anna!)

The whole process of how I make my own yogurt, step by step, and in detail, so you can, too.

 It starts tomorrow!

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  1. Ok, let's see if THIS comment goes through!!!

    (If so - thanks for the series!! I'm looking forward to it.)