Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buttons, I've Got Buttons!

Matushka Anna, over at Praying With My Feet, is giving away a beautiful crib quilt to celebrate her 1,000th post.  One of the ways to enter the give-away is to add the button for her Hand Crocheted Blessings shop to your own blog.  I really would love to win that quilt, and I've wanted to learn how to add buttons to my blog, so...  Ta Da! Look over there!

A button! I did it!

Then I realized that I needed to add another button.  Can't have Matushka Anna's button over there without adding my sweet sister, Heathalee's button!

I'm on a roll now!  There's no stopping me with the button stuff!


  1. *sniff* I'm so proud...I knew this day would come... ; )

  2. Thanks Carlyn! Congrats on learning how to add a button! (c; Now I'm off to visit your sister's blog!