Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Musings

Well, I'm finally back to my blog after a busy week of Christmas fun with my family, a cold that will not go away, reading books on my new Kindle (which I can hardly put down-I'm loving it so much) and strange weather for our part of the world.  We had snow flurries on Christmas Day, which is very, very unusual, and today we are basking in warmth. I think severe thunderstorms are heading our way tonight, also very unusual for this time of year in our part of the South.

We are spending a quiet evening at home tonight. I'm making pizza and we've got a Dr. Who DVD to watch with The Boy.  The Professor's older children and their families are coming over for a big New Year's Day breakfast tomorrow morning, and I've got to get ready for that.  I've got to get the Angel biscuits ready and get my breakfast casserole put together.  We'll have the traditional black-eyed peas and greens for dinner tomorrow night, with leftover Christmas ham and, of course, corn bread.

I'm mulling over goals and resolutions for the New Year.  I love coming up with goals, resolutions, lists of everything I want to get accomplished. However, I fail spectacularly at carrying them through to completion.  I haven't accomplished much in my life, and what I have accomplished I've been totally surprised about. For instance,  I can't believe that I actually finished college, I really have a hard time believing that I completed work for a master's degree.  Hmmm....

..... I'm mulling....

 It seems that I really can finish projects that somebody else has determined to be necessary, like fulfilling the requirements for those college degrees, but projects that I come up with myself, for my own personal (or my family's) benefit, always seem to fall by the wayside.  Somebody else sets the deadline - I'm on it, getting things done.  My own deadline - meh - I can take it or leave it.... I'm so bad about this that one year I deliberately started deep cleaning and painting my dining room a few weeks before Christmas because I knew that deadline would keep me motivated to actually finish the project.

So....knowing this about myself, I'm putting my goals for the upcoming new year on my blog.  Maybe the very fact of putting them out there for the world to see will help me focus on accomplishing at least one or two.  (Ok, I realize the entire world isn't looking at my blog - which is perfectly fine with me- but it is out there for the world to see, if the world cares to look.)  Anyway, I plan to have my list ready to post on Monday.

Anybody else mulling over new goals for 2011?


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  1. Oh, Sister, I have TONS of things I want to accomplish in 2011, but like you, I tend to not worry about the goals I set like I would if someone else set them for me. Maybe we can be accountable to each other! : )

    Looking forward to seeing what's on your list.