Friday, December 10, 2010

My Windowsill

I'm jumping in to participate in this Linky Party over at Like Mother, Like Daughter.  This is a big first for me, and I'm a little nervous about it.  I'm hopeful that I'll improve as a photographer someday. Until then, please bear with the bad pictures.

Here's my kitchen window.

After I decided to participate and get my windowsill area tidied up for a picture, I realized that my windowsill needed a lot more than just tidying up.  The number one problem was the valance over it.  It was really in need of washing.  So, I took it down, but the window didn't look right. It was naked! What to do, what to do?  I scrummaged around in the cabinet where I keep my tablecloths and found my late mother-in-law's vintage tablecloth. She always called it an "Army, Navy" tablecloth. I folded the tablecloth over lengthwise a couple of times and draped it over the curtain rod.  I was in a hurry this morning, so I didn't try ironing the cloth. I just stuck it up there and tried to get it even enough for a good picture. Trust me, it looks better than nothing.

A few more things about my kitchen.  My husband is a professor at a small denominational college. The home we live in was built in 1945 and donated to the college as a home for the Bible professor.  The wife of the Bible professor in 1945 designed the home. I think it is based on a plan of a home she lived in as a girl.  She was a wonderful, lovely example of Christian womanhood BUT she was not a cook. I guess she really felt no need for a big kitchen when her family had most of their meals at the college.  When this home was built, it had NO cabinets and the only counter space was what you see in my picture. That is still the only counter space in the kitchen.  The kitchen was re-modeled sometime later, and again in the mid-70's to add cabinets above the sink and on the other walls.

I wish I did have a bit more counter space.  I also wish I didn't have to have my washer and dryer in the kitchen, too.  The house of my dreams includes a separate laundry room....maybe one of these days.  Until then, while I'm living in the "house of my reality" I make do with what I have.


  1. Pretty window. I love how you have a cross hanging there.

  2. That is a really lovely window you have though. :)

  3. It looks great!! The cloth looks like it belongs there.

  4. Hi Carylin!
    Your window is so pretty, and my first thought was that it seems like a nice view -- then my second was, what a pretty valance! :)

    It is hard to make do with others' ideas of what constitutes a proper work space, isn't it? But yours is cheerful and lovely.
    Thanks so much for participating!

  5. pretty!
    I have my washer and dryer right in my kitchen also. It doubles as my 'countertop' next to my stove. I, too, can't wait to have a 'real' laundry room someday - BUT - I have to wonder if the reason I stay caught up on my laundry (and there are 8 people currently in house)is because it is RIGHT THERE...


  6. I thought your "valance" was absolutely lovely. :-)

  7. I have a separate laundry room-separate from my house! The washer and dryer are in a detached garage. So we have to heave everything out there to wash. But that's okay, I am thankful for the washer and dryer. And I have littles that can heave things for me now. One day though, if I ever build my dream house, it will have a separate INSIDE laundry room.

    Your windows are beautiful, as is your valence.

  8. Thank you all for such kind comments!

    TracyLou - It doesn't help me any to have those machines RIGHT THERE... I think that even if my washer and dryer followed me around the house, I would still get behind on the laundry. LOL.

  9. You inspired me - I did one of my own!

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about the washer and dryer. In seminary, we had the sink, washer, stove all in a row. No counter. On the opposite wall we had the dryer, a small table, and the door. It was insane. I'm so glad to have a little counter space now!

    Your window is beautiful!

  10. I love white lace, and think that the "curtain" looks absolutely beautiful! If you hadn't told, I would never have known it wasn't originally a curtain. :)

  11. Very pretty...and I like the cross, too :) I have one near my sink, also.

    Linking up from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

    Have a lovely week, Tamara

  12. I like the view out that window...terrorist Tufted Titmouse and all. hee hee hee