Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Play Us a Song, Piano Man...

A few weeks ago I walked in to pay a bill at our local gas company, and sitting in the lobby was a lovely little Kimball piano.  We've been looking for a piano for The Boy for a while, and it's been difficult to locate a nice used piano at a price that wouldn't make The Professor cringe and in a location that is not too far away, because moving a piano is no small feat.

So, lo and behold, there was this piano. I wondered why it was in the lobby of the gas company office.  The couple who own the gas company also attend our church, so I told Mrs. Gas Company one Sunday after church that I had noticed the piano in the lobby and asked if she'd be interested in selling it.  She told me that a lady from Memphis had been in our town to clean out her mother's house and had come by to see Mrs. G.C. at the office on her way back home. Memphis Lady had the piano on a trailer behind a truck and when Mrs. G.C. saw it, she offered to buy it from her.  They moved it in to the lobby and there it sat. She didn't really have a place in her house for a piano.  When I asked her about selling it, she quoted me a ridiculously low price and I almost fainted.  It was a price that would not make The Professor have hang-bangs, plus we would only have to move it a few blocks to our house.

The Professor worked out the details for getting the piano moved and he and the helpful piano moving volunteers from the college maintenance staff got it over here this morning.

I am going to have to re-arrange my living room furniture now,

 but I'm so happy The Boy has a real piano to play.   Thanks be to God!

One of these days I'll get around to posting about the second half of our vacation, my latest project around the house, and what I have been reading this summer.


  1. Wow! Isn't that wonderful! I'd pray for a piano for us but wouldn't have a place to put it if we got one. :( Enjoy!!!

  2. It's sooooo pretty! I know The Nephew is already enjoying it. Kiddo loves ours. Except for the key that's messed up. Oh well...at least ours was free. : )