Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Game Fest

  Earlier this week, The Boy came up with the idea that for the ten nights before his birthday next week we should play a different game every night.  He drew up a calendar, with randomly selected games to play each night and posted it on the fridge.  We began Monday night with Apples to Apples. Tuesday night it was In a Pickle.  Our family game festival will end next Wednesday, the night before his birthday.  

Last night it was:

We were only able to play for about an hour this time. Usually our SuperScrabble games go on for much, much longer.  I still won, though. Yay me!  I got to actually play the "Q."  Usually I get stuck with it at the end of the game.

Tonight we'll be playing Dutch Blitz, which is another really fun game. It's basically the card game I learned as "Nertz" but with a special deck of cards.  

I can't remember all the games in the line-up, but I know Yahtzee and Liverpool Rummy are on the list somewhere.  Liverpool Rummy is a game one of my cousins taught us all to play many years ago.  I have memories of playing that game around my Aunt Shirley's kitchen table, with my mother and various relations from our extended family.  No holiday would be complete without a game of Liverpool Rummy.  I miss those days.

Oh, I need to end this post now. I've got to get ready for my appointment.  I'm keeping the Ravages of Time away today....


  1. A few weeks ago we were at piano practice and I was sitting in her dining room reading. I just happened to look at the shelf on the bottom of her hutch and saw a wooden board with different colors and holes in it. The more I looked at it the more the realization hit me that it was an Aggravation game board! I asked her about it and she got a surprised look on her face that I actually knew what Aggravation was...and yes, that was exactly what that board was. An almost indestructible game board! We could have used that over years! : )

    And I will treasure those memories of everyone playing Liverpool Rummy around Aunt Shirley's table..."I'llbuythat!" : )

  2. Do you know whatever happened to Mimmie and Granddaddy's Aggravation game?