Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Greetings from 1963

A few months ago I received a box of documents that had belonged to my Great-Aunt Nell, one of my paternal grandmother's sisters.  I always think of Aunt Nell as the one who really held the family together. She was a school-teacher, but she also ran the family farm, along with her other unmarried sister, my Great-Aunt Will.  I could go on and on about Aunt Nell, who passed away when I was two, but has nevertheless had an influence in my life. Maybe another day...

Back to the point. I was hoping for family letters or other documents in this box I was given, but what the box contained was a collection of Christmas cards that Aunt Nell and Aunt Will received in 1963.  Sort of disappointing for me, but, the cards are so sweet.  Most of them are from friends whom I do not know,  some are from other family members, and a few include personal notes to Aunt Nell.

Is this not charming! The art reminds me of Tasha Tudor.

There is even one from my own mother and father.

 The card Mother sent that year. I miss her!
But here's the sweetest one. 

It's a simple postcard, with the address and stamp on the other side, not even an envelope.  I don't know who Gertrude and Laura Lynne were. I'll have to ask my father or his sisters, I guess. In my imagination they are either a mother and unmarried daughter or  two sisters in "reduced circumstances." The handwriting seems to be that of an older woman. Anyway, Gertrude made an effort to reach out to Aunt Nell, whose friendship she valued, in the best way she could.  I love it.

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