Monday, November 14, 2011

A Week from Today...

We'll be on the trail!

It will be raining...

because it ALWAYS rains when we hike up to LeConte Lodge.

These pictures were taken in the summer of 09 - I can't find any pictures of our  hike to LeConte Lodge  last November. I probably didn't take any because it was RAINING the whole time.

More pictures of me with no makeup and really bad hair will be taken!

But I won't care, because we'll be in the Smokies! One of the most heavenly places on earth....

even when it's RAINING. Which it will be, because it ALWAYS does.

We'll be spending a night on top of Mt. LeConte, then traveling to The Professor's dear family in North Carolina for Thanksgiving.

Check out LeConte Lodge here: LeConte Lodge, and the manager's blog, High On LeConte.

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